Welcome to this website detailing the surname “Tomlin”, its variants and family histories worldwide that carry this name.

As with most studies of this type, this one began as a personal quest for finding out where my ancestors came from. I started in a somewhat haphazard manner, collecting bits of family information and trying to collate these into some understandable form.

Years later, having joined the Guild of One-Name Studies, I the followed their recommendations and brought, hopefully, order and method into the study.

This website is now the result.

However, the study is NOT yet complete. As long as there are living Tomlins, it never will be so and also, as you will see, there are sections where we have little or no information.

With your help we should be able to put some more 'meat on the bones'. If you feel you can contribute in any way or simple want to register your interest, please get in touch via our “FORUM” or "CONTACT" sections.

Even if you think we have got things wrong, again get in touch and advise us.

We always welcome any contact.

Thank you for your interest and enjoy your browsing.


TOMLINs in the World today - approx. 23,000

TOMLINs in the USA today - approx. 13,500

TOMLINs in the UK today - approx. 5,100

Highest density of TOMLINs - Jamiaca

Earliest recorded in the UK - AD 1327 (Thomelyn)

Earliest recorded in the USA - AD 1636 (Matthew Tomlin)