A Tomlin Order is a court order in the English civil justice system.

It is an order which is signed by a judge and which records a deal which has been made by disputing parties to settle the disagreement between them.

The parties might agree to settle the dispute with a payment of some money and an agreement to drop the court case but that it must all remain confidential.

The parties would draw up the agreement and then put it before the judge who would stamp it as approved. It then becomes binding on the parties as a kind of contract. 

The order is named after the High Court judge, Justice Thomas Tomlin. His full name was Thomas James Chesshyre Tomlin (born 1867 & died 1935). In 1923 he was appointed as a judge to the Chancery Division of the High Court and knighted. Then, in 1929, he was made a life peer with the title of Baron Tomlin.