The Study Aim

The aims and objectives of this One-Name study follow the overall aims of the Guild of One-Name Studies itself. These are set out in the Guild's own book “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” (The Art of One-Name Studies).

It is the study, in depth, of the various branches of a family, their relation to one another and how they have developed in respect of their social position, family size, occupation, possible migration and the influence of their religious and political beliefs.

The study aim will not be to simply collect a lists of family members but, hopefully, will include :-

  • Variants of the name (also deviant names)

  • The origin of the name

  • The history of the name (including its meaning)

  • The name frequency (relative to the general population).

  • Geographic distribution of the name and its trends

The ultimate aim of the study is to identify all world-wide family groups who bear the name 'Tomlin' or one of its variants.


The website aim.

The aim of the website is to present this information in a logical, easy to follow and interesting way.



[Due acknowledgement is given to The Guild of One-Name Studies for the above detail taken from their book “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”.]