We believe this is perhaps the most important section of this website and we'll explain why!

By looking at the number of individuals listed in the 1881 census of England and Wales, this study is classed by the Guild as 'at the top end of “Medium” size'.

[In the 1881 census there were 2,736 'Tomlin' entries - ref. Ancestry March, 2017]

[See insert - Medium Study = 300 to 3,000]

It is believed that a study of 300 individuals in the 1881 census would take approximately 10 years to complete. On this basis, a study of 3,000 would take in the order of 100 years to complete!

This is clearly too long for one individual to do on their own and this is where you come in.

So, what is it that you might do and what is it that you'll get in return?

Firstly, what you'll get in return :-

  • Help with your own research

  • Contact with others who could also help you

  • Acknowledgement of your participation in this bigger study

  • Receipt of a GEDCOM file with your own information incorporated

  • Possible involvement in the presentation of the information

  • Possible involvement in the website design / maintenance (see next paragraph)

Next, what you might contribute. We suggest :-

  • You pass on your awareness of this study to those who you feel would be interested, e.g. your relatives and fellow researchers

  • Register your details with us via our Forum or Contact pages so we can keep in touch

  • Advise us of any 'brick wall' problems you may have. We may be able to help or it might show us that we've made some incorrect assumptions

  • In order that we might consolidate or add to our information, send us details of the individuals from your research project including Births / Baptisms, Marriages, Residency / Education / Occupations , Death / Burial / Probate and other significant events.

  • Send us copies of any BMD certificates and photos of monuments / buildings relating to those in your research project

  • Send us a copy of the family tree of those in your research project (preferably in GEDCOM format) so we can merge your detail with our own, thereby enhancing the study

  • Possibly participate in a DNA project

  • Last but not least - Participate in a management role in the study itself including building / maintaining the website

We are not sure how the latter would be implemented or would work, but are open to all suggestions. The study of Tomlins in the USA, or another part of the World, could be taken as a separate study but linked to the original and, perhaps, ultimately integrated with it.

Any information you send us will only be used for this study and will not be passed on to any third party unless you specifically agree. We have no commercial interest in the information but are aware that others may have. It is for that reason that your information will be treated with the utmost care and your confidentiality upheld.

So, How do you get in touch?

You can contact us privately via our CONTACT page.

Alternatively, you can register on our FORUM page and post a message with your details.

We look forward to hearing from you.


The Guild of One-Name Studied have reviewed the relative size of one-name studies and have made the following proposals :-

For studying a name with English / Welsh origins, the census of 1881 for England and Wales is used as a guide giving :-

  • 1-30 Tiny (T)

  • 30-300 Small (S)

  • 300-3,000 Medium (M)

  • 3,000-30,000 Large (L)

  • 30,000-300,000 Extra Large (XL)

  • >300,000 Extra Extra Large (XXL)

In this same review, the Guild have suggested that it is estimated that the total number of BMD index entries 1837-2003 for England and Wales is about ten times the 1881 population.

For the 'Tomlin' study this would mean there are 30,000 BMD entries to collect and this is only after 1837. The equivalent information between 1558 (start of Parish Records) and 1837 is not included!